ByeForever Clan Family Application incl. Spartan Lore / Valar Morghulis / SoulReapers / Grandma'sArmyツ™/ Code Enigma
Looking for dedicated players to participate in high level wars on a regular basis. FairPlay only.

A quick breakdown of our clans:

ByeForever: High heroes and weight Th9+. Weekly arranged and CWL invite wars with elite war clans. Attack plans and both heroes required for all serious wars.

Valar Morghulis: High weight Th9+. Weekly arranged and CWL rising wars in a serious environment. Attack plans and both heroes required for all serious wars.

Spartan Lore: TH 9+. Relaxed, three-star focused war clan. Attack plans highly encouraged.

SoulReapers: TH 9+. Focused on farming up heroes and practicing 3 star strats. Attack plans encouraged as always.

Grandma'sArmyツ™: Recruiting TH9 & TH10 Grandma'sArmyツ™is our heavy hitters clan with a focus on prepping members for CWL Lite, and International round-the-clock play. Attack plans will be required for CWL wars season three.

Code Enigma: TH9+ Weekly arranged and NDL pro wars in a serious war environment. The ability to Rek Shit at your own town hall level is encouraged here.

What is your IGN (In Game Name)?
Your answer
What is your player tag?
Example: #Y29U8UL0
Your answer
What is your discord name?
Example: Sammy the doctor
Your answer
What is your discord number?
Example: #1234
Your answer
Where are you from, and what is the timezone you live in?
Your answer
How did you find out about us?
Do you listen to the Podcast The ByeForever Show?
if you have not heard of the show you will be asked to give it a shot :) its not a deal breaker
What clans have you been a member of in the past year and why did you leave?
Your answer
What is your email?
Qualified applicants will receive a link to our Discord group. We use Discord for war planning, base calling, important announcements, and general chat with all of our clans.
Your answer
What is your player tag?
Your player tag is next to your In game name on your clash profile. Click on it to copy it.
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Are your heroes currently awake?
You will be asked to do several friendly challenges before warring with us.
Would you consider yourself a Serious War Player ?
Were you ever part of a Modding Clan?
This is not a deal breaker if you have been, however please be aware that use of 3rd party software is not allowed anywhere in the ByeForever family.
What are your preferred attacking strategies in war?
Your answer
What Townhall level are you?
ByeForever: Accepting MAX Th9s+ Valar Morghulis: Accepting Max Th9s+ Spartan Lore: Accepting Th9s+ SoulReapers: Accepting Th9s+ Grandma’sArmyツ™: Accepting Th9s & Th 10s, but no 11s at this time
What level are your xbows?
Th10/11 only: What level are your Inferno Towers?
What is your base weight ?
This can be done by adding the total gold in your storages + Townhall on your base during war day
Your answer
What level are your heroes?
Your answer
certify that I qualify for at least one of the family clans, based on the hero requirements shown below
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