Apply for ByeForever Family of clans:
Looking for dedicated players to participate in high level wars on a regular basis. FairPlay only.

Use this form to Apply to ByeForever (CWL Invite Clan), ToXic Rabbits (MLCW), Hello4Now (TH12 only/CWL Elite clan), Ares Deimos (TH11/TH12), Monster Within, Spartan Lore or Phoenix Fire.

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Your player tag is next to your In game name on your clash profile. Click on it to copy it. (Example: #Y29U8UL0)
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Were you ever part of a Modding Clan? *
This is not a deal breaker if you have been, however please be aware that use of 3rd party software is not allowed anywhere in the ByeForever family.
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