Mountain Biking on Strava
We've heard a lot of great feedback from our community on how to handle mountain bike activities on Strava. However, there isn't a clear consensus from you, our members, as to what Strava should do specifically to improve the experience for mountain bikers.

Vote on the proposed options below, and if we missed anything be sure to fill out the comment section at the end.

Do you support categorizing mountain bike activities in a separate category, with unique segments that are not shared with other ride types? *
If yes, Strava would create a mountain bike type that would appear in the list with Ride, Run, Swim, Hike, Walk, Alpine Ski, etc. (we call them Activity Types). With this new category, or Activity Type, a fresh segment database would be created. Any new segments would need to be added by Strava members from existing mountain bike activities, with a new and improve segment creation process to avoid duplicates and add more mountain bike specific information to segments.
If you selected no above, do you support mountain bike activities remaining within the Ride type with the addition of a filter on Segment Leaderboards for mountain bike activities?
If yes, you feel that mountain bike activities should continue to be included in the current Ride activity type and should continue to share the existing segments. A mountain bike tag would be available to select when editing the activity (similar to the Race/Workout tags). Tags would be automatically applied when adding Gear to your activity classified as a mountain bike. Segment Leaderboards would have a filter for the mountain bike tag.
Other mountain bike solutions that are important to me are:
Let us know if we missed anything:
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