Too Much Crypto: Participant Application
Too Much Crypto is a physical event focused on the latest research and advances in cryptography and how they can be applied to solve existing and future hard problems in distributed systems.

This event welcomes anyone that is interested in or currently working in cryptography and/or any academic or project in distributed and peer-to-peer systems that leverages advances in ZKPs, MPC/TSS, FHE, witness encryption, etc.

The event is free and we aim for a diverse mix among students, developers, researchers, academics, and any individuals that want to drive the intersection between cryptography and decentralised systems forward.

Oh – and there'll be drinks and food, you can't have Too Much Crypto on an empty stomach.

The capacity is limited and we're looking forward to your application!

Deadline to apply: by 09:00am CET, 30th of November 2022.
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