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Dr. Levana Cohen - Vandoren Regional Artist
What is a Vandoren Clinic?
Clinics are open to any age (middle school, high school, college, adult)!

Topics could include:
Clarinet Fundamentals - such as embouchure, articulation, sound production, posture and breath support
Learning NYSSMA, All-County/All-State Music
Performing in a Clarinet Section - Specifically Intonation and Blending/Section Balance
Sight Reading
Performance Anxiety

All Clinics include:
Free Vandoren reed samples for your students
A chance to experiment with Vandoren's amazing products
Brief history Vandoren and how reeds are made

Please Note that to ensure proper time for all materials to be delivered, clinics must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. When filling out the form please suggest days/times that allow for enough lead time.

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