Don’t let your heart stay quarantined any longer: Austin-based matchmaking experience The Round is launching Pandemic Love to bring singles together for some new-age, old-fashioned virtual speed-dating.

Pandemic Love is a digital mini-series on a mission to unite socially distant singles as coronavirus slows the world’s heartbeat.

The team will pair participants together for three days of virtual speed-dates “rounds” in which their identities are hidden until the final date à la Love is Blind. Their digital dating experiences will be shared with the world LIVE at 7PM CST nightly as they unfold.

Fill this form out if you'd like to be a host for the show, these answers will be kept private!

We hope you’ll spread the word (not the virus), wash your hands, and help us keep the love alive online while we’re all penned up at home. For more information about the series, contact
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If you're a fit for the show, we will contact you via EMAIL + TEXT in the coming days so be on the lookout for a note from our team! Lastly, don't forget to tune in to tonight's show at
Follow us @jointheround and @pandemiclove_ for all info and please refer back to the google sheet for more details.
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