Uboachan Janitor Application
Do you love Uboachan? Apply to be a Janitor today! Janitors are Moderators in training, with a limited set of privileges and responsibilities.
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Can you abide by and have respect for all of the rules of the site? *
What timezone are you located in? *
What times of day (in your timezone) do you expect to be the most active? *
Are you willing to use the Uboachan Discord or a dedicated Discord server frequently to stay in contact with the Administration staff? *
Are you willing to patrol the boards very frequently, ban/delete spam posts, and report suspected rule violations to the Administration staff as a requirement of this position? *
Do you understand that Janitors are only allowed to delete or ban automated spam posts, and that all other actions require the approval or instruction of the Administration staff? *
Do you understand that the Janitor position may be revoked by the Administration staff at any time? *
What is the best Email address to contact you at? *
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