2020 Iowa Farm Environmental Leader Award (IFELA) Nomination
Nominations for Award Year 2020 are due by Monday, May 4th, 2020. Nominations received after this date will be considered for Award Year 2021. Thank you for nominating a deserving Iowa Farm Environmental Leader!
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Those selected for this award will receive a signed certificate at an awards ceremony during the Iowa State Fair in August. Please enter below the name(s) that should be included on the certificate, written as they should be printed on the document. Whether to include both the farm name and family names, or just one or the other is a matter of personal preference.
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The Iowa Farm Environmental Leader Award recognizes outstanding farmers in Iowa who not only implement best management practices in their own operations, but also strive to be leaders for conservation within the farming community.
Describe the nominee's leadership activities, especially as related to promoting conservation and environmentally friendly farming practices. These activities may include (but are not limited to): helping neighbors, hosting field days, community involvement, and providing leadership with local/state/national boards, committees, and organizations. *
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