Support of Unionizing Kickstarter Workers
As Kickstarter project creators, we want to express our unequivocal support for Kickstarter’s workers in their attempt to form a union. We are disturbed that Kickstarter has fired multiple members of the union’s organizing committee and is pursuing aggressive tactics in an effort to keep its employees from exercising their basic right to bargain collectively.

The success of our Kickstarter projects is in part thanks to the hard work of the company’s staff, who have put together a powerful tool for helping small projects succeed. Some of us have worked with Kickstarter before, and would hope to work with Kickstarter again in the future. But it is impossible to partner with a company that does not respect its workers and is not willing to honor their rights. Kickstarter's unlawful and unethical actions threaten to do significant damage to its platform, and to the creators who rely on it. Kickstarter’s unionizing workers have not asked for a boycott of the platform, but we believe all project creators and donors should stand opposed to the company’s actions and make clear our support for the workers.

We call on other Kickstarter project creators to express their solidarity with Kickstarter workers’ union and to condemn the company’s firings.
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