about:credits Application

A place in Mozilla's "about:credits" page - http://www.mozilla.org/credits/ - is available to anyone who has "made a significant investment of time, with useful results, into Mozilla project-governed activities". If that's you, please fill out this form. There is a FAQ about this process - http://www.mozilla.org/credits/faq/.

It is a BIG help to us if you read and follow these instructions carefully. It's long because it tries to help you avoid the most common issues people have with their applications.

IMPORTANT: you should assume that _everything_ you put into this form is, or will become, publicly readable.


Some notes on names. Names are a complicated subject. We do our best to accommodate everyone's wishes without compromising aesthetics or propriety. Please:

* Give your name as your normally use it - so if you don't use your middle names in a normal day, don't include them.
* Do not include "nicks", "handles", titles or qualifications.
* Supply at least two non-abbreviated name components if at all possible.
* If your normally-used name does contain initials, place a dot "." after each one.
* Place the components of your name in the order customary in your part of the world. (Use question 2 to tell us how your name should be sorted.)
* Use a romanized form of your name, if your country does not use the Latin alphabet.
* Within the above restriction, you may use any Unicode character.
* Use Initial Caps, for consistent presentation.

Examples: Fred Bloggs, Mao Ze Dong, Søren Sørensen, Tatjana Nakova, Nguyễn Xuân Sơn.


To qualify for inclusion, you need to have "made a significant investment of time, with useful results, into Mozilla project-governed activities". There are several key parts to this definition - "significant", "useful", and "Mozilla project-governed" being the top three.


* only include activities which are directly overseen/governed by the Mozilla project ("official", you might say)
* make sure you've made a significant investment of time; remember, you can always apply in a couple of months when you've done more stuff. It would be sad to have to turn you down
* make sure what you did was actually useful to Mozilla itself

Things which are great to do but which *don't* count for this include:

* telling your friends about Firefox, or promoting Mozilla on social media
* running an independent website
* building Firefox OS apps or Firefox addons
* making Webmaker Makes
* hacking on Mozilla software but without your patches being integrated
* fixing just one or two bugs (unless they are big ones)

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