Equestria LA 2017 Community Guest Application
Legal Name of Applicant
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Online/Fan Name of Applicant
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Email address of applicant
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Please check the websites and platforms for which you have a significant follower/fan base
For any sites checked above, please list the URL and, if not public, the approximate follower count
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Do you sing?
Do you act or otherwise perform?
If you answered Yes above, please detail how you perform or describe your acting experience.
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If you cosplay or wear a fursuit, please list the My Little Pony characters you would be able to dress as at Equestria LA. If Equestria Girls, please specify.
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Please describe the kind of panel(s) you could/would like to host/participate in.
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Can you attend the convention without a travel stipend (mileage and/or flight)?
Can you attend the convention without a comp'ed hotel room?
If there are "grey areas" to explain for your answer to the above 2 questions regarding travel and hotel, please explain. (ie, if partial-comp is sufficient, can share hotel with others, or any other "maybe" answer)
Your answer
If you have a blog or YouTube channel, are you willing to write a promotional piece and/or post a promotional video about your appearance at Equestria LA?
Are you comfortable re-blogging/re-tweeting/sharing posts from Equestria LA official accounts as appropriate and by request of EQLA staff?
Please indicate if you understand that the standard of conduct for those representing Equestria LA is "Safe For Kindergarten" around children, and otherwise "Professional PG" on convention grounds, and that all Fan Community Guests will be held to that standard during convention hours. (If you need more information please email info@equestriala.com.)
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