MasterpieceVR Bug Report
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System specs meet or exceed minimum:
- Operating System: Supports DirectX 11.1 (Win10)
- Graphics Card: Supports *DirectX 11.1 & 3 GB memory (NVIDIA 970)
- Processor: Intel i5
- RAM: 8 GB
- Disk Space: 2 GB
* The graphics card needs to be NVIDIA 970 or newer

Clean install of MasterpieceVR
1. Backup all your data in the MyDocuments -> MasterpieceVR Folder
2. Delete the MyDocuments -> MasterpieceVR folder
3. Delete the AppData -> LocalLow -> Brinx folder
4. Uninstall MasterpieceVR
5. Install MasterpieceVR
*You can also try reinstalling SteamVR if you’re on Steam

We do not support any of the Beta versions of SteamVR as they are not stable and may have daily updates that affect our applicaton. If you have the Beta version of Steam VR, it could be causing some issues.
1. Steam VR Beta
2. Steam VR Home Beta

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Gather System Info
1. Go to the start menu
2. Press the Windows Key + r
3. Type ‘dxdiag’ without the quotes and press Enter
4. Click ‘Save All Information’ and name the files SysInfo_’username’.txt
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What type of bug is it? *
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