Catalyst 2014: Student Leader Application

Application is due by Sunday, September 8th.


The mission of Catalyst is to use service to investigate questions of justice and community. Catalyst is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn and to contribute via service and investigation of social justice over spring break. The trips are open to all currently enrolled students of Hamline University. The student leaders must be in good academic and judicial standing.


Lead Focus: Homelessness
Intersecting focuses may include: politics, hunger, racial justice, women’s rights, and more.

Lead Focus: Hurricane relief
Intersecting focuses may include: poverty, homelessness, youth, interfaith work, racial justice, and more.

Lead Focus: Queer Communities
Intersecting focuses may include: poverty, homelessness, racial justice, food justice, youth, inclusive religious communities and more.

Lead Focus: The Good Food Revolution
Intersecting focuses may include: racial justice, poverty, the gardening movement, youth, spirituality and more.
This is a new trip and will be developed with Chaplin Nancy Victorin-Vangerud. We (Nancy, Margot, and the student leader) will be traveling to scout it out October 11th-12th. This trip will only have one student leader as they will be working with Growing Power for a large majority of the time.


Leader Responsibilities
- Coordinate with a co-leader* and Catalyst Colleague (staff resource person) for all activities during and surrounding the Catalyst trip.
- Arrange logistics for your trip (service opportunities, meals, educational, and cultural components).
- Plan and execute a pre-trip and post-trip service opportunity for your small group.
- Facilitate pre-trip meetings for your group.
- Organize fund raising with the group.
- Be responsible for team building with your small group.
- Lead a group of nine Hamline students through a spring break service and social justice trip.
- Lead at least one reflection each day of the trip.
- Assist with communication among group and between Wesley Center and group.
- Assist with selecting and recruiting group members.
- Attend the orientation with your group.
- Know and follow emergency procedure, policies, including no drugs or alcohol.
- Serve as an official Hamline representative to the site.
- Distribute and collect group evaluations after the trip.
- Upon return to Hamline, organize a group presentation about your experience.
* Each trip may or may not have a co-leader

Student Leader Goals
- Gain skills to effectively work with community partners.
- Increase the development of citizenship skills so that students make a difference in the local, state, national, and world communities.
- Learn more about yourself within a service and social justice-centered experience.
- Recognize values, flexibility, and ability to work effectively in challenging situations.
- Learn useful organizational skills.
- Learn to work within budget constraints.
- Become more conscientious when working with diverse populations.
- Vocational exploration, mentoring, reflection, relationship building across racial/ethnic and class experiences.

Expectations In Terms of Your Time
- Attend all Catalyst leader meetings/trainings (about 1-2 per month) beginning the week of September 16th.
- Attend and assist in facilitation of large group orientation and reflection, all day February 3rd.
- Individually prepare reflection activities to be performed on the trip.
- Individually and/or with your Catalyst Colleague and Co-leader plan all activities and events for your trip.

- Attend your Catalyst trip for no cost.
-Attend a student leader retreat in the fall at no cost.

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