Help Us Raise Up Black Voices Harmed by Our Racist Child Welfare System.
Have you previously been subjected to unfair and oppressive government tactics involving the surveillance, investigation and unnecessary removal of a Black child leading to the separation of a Black family? If so, we want to hear your story.

Children's Rights (@childrensrights | is working on a Call to Action that will name the role of racism in child welfare systems, raise up the profound trauma this inflicts on children and families, and propose strategies to put an end to the separation of Black families. Our Call to Action is unique in that it takes a close look at the racist factors that lead up to the moment when a child is removed. We believe the voices of those with lived experience—both young adults who recall their time as children and the circumstances of investigation and removal, and parents who have previously been subjected to oppressive and unnecessary investigation and removal—are critical to effectively advocating for change.

If you have had prior experience with a child (or as a child yourself) removed for “neglect” or other poverty-related issues, and want to share your story and possibly have it published in our Call to Action, we would love to speak with you. Our goal is to make space for Black children and families and to learn directly from them about the trauma associated with being surveilled by a child welfare agency in the “front end” of the investigation and removal processes, having no attorney and no idea what to expect, and experiencing unwarranted family separation. Children’s Rights deeply respects the potential for trauma in the retelling of lived experience. As advocates for systemic change, we greatly value the voices of those most impacted by government systems, and welcome a conversation in that spirit.

Disclaimer: Children’s Rights does not provide individual legal or other representation.
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