Forgotten Valley Builder Application
Hello, and welcome! Forgotten Valley is a post apocalyptic high fantasy themed MUD run by a group of friends who think being nice to people is awesome. So if you're not nice, maybe try to be.

To complete the form you need to know these things:
THEME: Post Apocalyptic High Fantasy, with medieval undertones.
SETTING: A protected valley, looked over by benevolent albeit slightly absent gods.

Good luck!

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Who Are You?
*If you are under the age of 13, you can't actually play the game, so you probably shouldn't be building. But if you do want to submit a few descriptions, go right ahead little writer person! Please have parental permission, however.

We will not give any names of any builder to anyone other than the Admin team. Anonymity is respected. We do not/will not discriminate based on sex, gender, race, religion, hair color, or blood type. Anyone and everyone is welcome here. The Admin team will not tolerate intolerance, however, and any and all hate speech will cause an immediate termination of our business relationship.

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Prove Your Worth
Below this point are the actual application questions/submissions. Do your best. We do not expect perfection, but we do want decent grammar and a fair amount of creativity. 4-6 sentences per description are a must.

Because we're nice, here's an example description that is live in the MUD. Love it, embrace it, hug it, but don't copy it. This should give you a fairly good idea of what we expect in terms of length and style. Have fun!

A deep fissure cuts through the jungle like a wound, its edges scabbed with
angular spurs of crystal that pierce out of the crumbling earth. The wilderness
has done its best to reclaim the area with a carpet of fresh green foliage and
the jewel-like gleam of each facet is half-concealed behind a lattice of fused
tree roots. The steady drip of water from the wide, waxy leaves overhead scours
the glimpses of translucent mineral, causing them to glint and gleam in any hint
of light. A steamy clearing can be seen further to the southwest.

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Describe an object. (Food, weapon, article of clothing, candlestick, shovel, the sun, anything.) *
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What's In It For You?
I'm so glad you asked! Since the MUD is not open to play, yet, we cannot promise immediate reward. However, once we are open there will be any number of opportunities for us to make you oh-so-happy that you spent hours tapping away at the keyboard. Options will/can include things like extra special startup equipment, ongoing support roles in key story areas, monetary gifts (as in game money, I'm not sending you cash!), etc. We will also entertain any special requests that you may have, within reason.
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