Test Academia Beruti
Completá cada frase y envianos tus respuestas. A la brevedad recibirás el resultado del test. Podes dejar en blanco aquellos que no sepas.
JOHN: What ___________? PAUL: I’m a student
Where ___________ from?
___________ Davis smoke?
You don’t need an umbrella. It ___________.
She’s the woman ___________ works in the office.
Where ___________ last summer?
When I opened the door I saw it ___________.
___________ have holiday this year.
JOHN: My exam is tomorrow. PAUL: You ___________.
___________ any of his films?
This is ___________ city I`ve ever been to.
Tomorrow`s holiday. We ___________ work.
What will you do if you ___________ the exam?
If we had a garden, I ___________ a dog.
JOHN: What are you going to do this weekend? PAUL: I don´t know. I ___________.
I`ve known my best friend ___________.
The radio ___________ by Marconi.
When I`m tired I don`t want to see ___________.
I can´t come tonight. I `ve got ___________ work.
We were too late. When we arrived the match ___________.
She asked the boy what ___________.
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