Church Survey 2021
We are about to embark on a new journey. Wes, our Rector for the past seven years is leaving and with him the work and energies he and his family have provided. For the many ministries within our church and throughout the community to continue, it is those holes we are hoping every member will assist in filling. We hope everyone will find a calling to ensure all those things we do as a congregation continue during this interim time and beyond.

Many of us are limited physically or have limited time to take on big roles. Some of us are looking to do more but don't know how to get involved. In either case, we can use your help in maintaining our weekly worship services, our church building, the rectory, the grounds and the many outreach ministries our church family supports.

Below you will find a variety of opportunities to serve. Some require regular commitments such as Chalice Bearer or Organist, others only require occasional involvement, as well as those things that can be attended to when you have the time.

As Christians, we are called to serve, but that service takes many forms. We are hopeful one or more of the opportunities listed below will be something that speaks to your heart.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our call for help.

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We would like your contact information so we can contact you regarding these ministries. We are also trying to update our birthday list and anniversary list (month and day only). We want to be able to extend our blessings and prayers to you on these dates.
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Buildings and Grounds
The following are opportunities to keep our building and grounds looking their best. Several times a year we have a yard cleanup day that involves raking leave, trimming bushes, and sprucing up the grounds.

We are developing a building and grounds committee (B&G Committee) that can work as a team or individually if needed to attend to the regular preventative maintenance items associated with the care of our church buildings and grounds.

Additionally there are garden workdays which include weeding and pruning as well as planting. These are joyous days of fellowship that pull our wonderful church family together. If you would like to join us for these, please indicate below.
Yard Work
Garden Work
Usually twice a year we get the Church building spruced up by having a deep cleaning that involves washing the windows. Would you be willing to help?
Deep Cleaning the Church
Deep cleaning includes things like using Murphy Soap Oil to clean the pews and vacuuming under the cushions. We get those hard to reach places in the Church. Is this something you think you could do?
Cleaning the Church
As with any house, and "The House of the Lord" is no different, there seems to be periodic repairs of all sorts that require attention. Are you handy and dive into repairs at home? Do you consider yourself a handyman (or handywoman)? Wes did a lot of these kind of things that we never knew about so, now we will need others to fill those shoes. Is this something we might be able to call on you for help? Serving on the Building and Grounds Committee is another way to serve in this capacity.
Building and Grounds Weekly or monthly ways to serve
Some activities such as cleaning the church and parish hall are done by teams that rotate their duties so each only has to do the work once a month or less.
Cleaning The Parish Hall and Church
Each week the Parish Hall floor is swept. The kitchen floor is swept and mopped, and the bathrooms are cleaned. The Church is vacuumed and pew cards and books are straightened up. Rotation for this is usually once a month or less.
Weekly Cleaning Rotation
Office Activities
There are several office jobs that need to be done. Some are weekly jobs and others are as needed. Currently we have a treasurer. We need one person who is willing to be trained to serve as a back up. Assisting the treasurer would require training on our computer programs and bookkeeping practices. Computer skills are necessary and an understanding of QuickBooks is helpful.

We have someone who currently volunteers to help out with office tasks as needed. Assisting with this would entail being called upon if there is a need. We also need people occasionally to fold the bulletins.
We have several bulletin boards with photos and information that need to be updated from time to time. Photos will be provided.
Church Service
Below are ways in which you can ensure our Sunday worship services is properly attended to.

Altar Guild members set up the Altar before services and clean up afterwards. Altar guild would serve about once a month.
Lay readers, Chalice bearers, Organists generally serve once a month or less.
Ushers serve on a rotating basis depending on how many volunteer, but usually once a month or less.
Choir members practice from during the 9 am service and sing any Sunday you can be there.
Music Ministry requires running the equipment that produces our music during services. You will be trained on this.
If you play a musical instrument, we have acoustic music at special services and we are always looking for musicians.
We often record our services and need someone to operate the video camera.

Please respond to any that interest you. You will be trained on how to do any of these options below.
Altar Guild
Lay Reader
Acoustic Music
Coffee Hour
Coffee hour hosts serve two or three times a year. If you just love doing coffee hour, there is an option below to be called upon when someone must cancel and we need someone to fill in. Some find it easier to pair up with another member.
Coffee Hour *
Welcome Committee
This would be an on-going ministry. Serving on this committee, you would be willing to introduce yourself after the Sunday service to new people, make them feel welcome, and collect contact information if appropriate. The committee would be responsible for a follow up contact with this person/family. The committee would also communicate with the Rector as appropriate.
Welcome Committee
Covered Dish Dinners
On the last Wednesday of the month, we have a covered dish dinner. Everyone brings something to share, but tables need to be set up with flatware and water. Afterwards, the host makes sure everything is cleaned up, but usually many who attend will help with that. In addition, we sometimes need a program for the dinner. It would be helpful to have someone to work with the Vestry on programs .
Wednesday Dinners
Special Celebrations
The Church holds parties and celebrations for holidays like St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, and Mardi Gras, etc. This give you an opportunity to do a little decorating and plan fun activities for your Parish family. These celebrations often include a covered dish dinner that could be hosted by someone else, so your part would be activities and decorating.
Hosting Celebrations
We have a variety of opportunities to help with different ministries. These are activities that allow us reach out into the community and respond to unmet needs that exist in the Gorge.

M&M Club (Mature and Motivated) meets monthly to play games, go on field trips, and enjoy interesting programs. It allows people from throughout the community, whether members of the church or not, to get together and enjoy fellowship and social interaction. This is a significant need for our older population. The Club is always in need of snacks and program ideas.

Caring Friends is a ministry to reaches out primarily to our Parish family, but at times to what we consider our extended family, our community, in times of need to provide meals, transportation, phone calls, or sending a card of encouragement. This ministry is on an as needed basis. This may include helping to organize a reception for a funeral.

Pre-Eulogy Dinners is a ministry that brings us together at a local restaurant to share a meal and share life stories. It brings us closer in our church family. This ministry needs people who are willing to share their story with others so we can get to know each other better.
Pre-Eulogy Dinners
Clear selection
Caring Friends
The Firewood ministry serves an unbelievably large segment of our community. There are many who live in the Gorge who depend on wood to cook their food and heat their homes. Those involved in this ministry cut, split, stack and deliver wood to families in need. The church provides the equipment for this ministry, but we need people to do the work. Those involved will meet as a group twice monthly on a time and date that works for them. This is an opportunity to invite others from the community who may not be members of our church to participate. If you know of someone who enjoys the physical demands of lumberjacking, please, by all means, invite them and let us know.

Bare Necessities meets monthly and help is needed any time you are available. Much of this work can be done from your home with materials you pick up at the Church. This ministry makes reusable diapers and feminine hygiene kits that are then taken by missionary groups to communities around the world. Some of these kits are distributed locally. You do not have to be able to sew to help. Assembling the kits and cutting fabric are non-sewing jobs that are always needed. For more information you can talk to Dawn.

Backyard Sports is a ministry that brings children together for fellowship and to play sports one afternoon a week. This has traditionally been on Mondays after school hours on school days. There is a need for chaperones, adults to lead different sport activities, provide snacks, serve snacks, and even drive a bus. This has been a hugely successful ministry that has been embraced by so many families in the area. It's fun and it's heart warming and joyous to see the smiles on all of those children's faces. You do not have to be present every week for this ministry. They always welcome volunteers when they can serve!
Bare Necessities
Backyard Sports
Children's Activities
Children are our future as a nation and as a Church. Making them feel special and important as members of our Church Family is crucial. There are many opportunities to share in this important ministry.

Assist in the nursery on a rotating schedule during the 10 a.m. service once a month.
Assist in the Children's Sunday School on a rotating basis.
Do special art or music activities with the Children's Sunday School.
Provide childcare so parents can attend Church programs. This takes place in the Rectory during the program time which is usually part of a covered dish dinner.
Organize or help with special activities like movie night, Easter egg hunt, Halloween or other special events.
Children's Sunday School
Social Media
We currently have a Facebook presence, but this takes keeping things up to date in order to be helpful. There are other social media sites that you may be able to get started and help maintain.
There is a website that is currently maintained by one person. If you would like to help with that by being willing to post our sermon videos to YouTube or add photos, etc. It is also helpful to have someone else post last minute updates when the web person is away. Training will be provided.
The Newsletter goes out monthly. Help is always needed with this. Articles and photos about what is going on in the Church keep our family connected. This may be something you would like to do all on your own.
Social Media
Leadership Opportunities
We are always looking for ways to better serve God in our community and around the world. If you have an idea for a new ministry you think would be right for our Church and would be willing to get it organized, this would be an example of leadership. You would bring this idea to the Vestry and/or the Rector for approval, input and help with organization.

Would you like to lead an Adult Bible Study or present a special program or series of programs during the week or in conjunction with a covered dish dinner?

Another leadership ministry is serving on the Vestry. This requires attendance at monthly meetings and other duties depending upon your role on the Vestry. If you would be interested in serving on Vestry at some point in the future, please indicate our interest.
New Ministry
Your Thoughts
Please share your thoughts for ministries or ways in which our Church can grow with members of the Vestry, or write them here.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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