Student Success Center Tutoring Service Contract
Welcome to the Student Success Center. Receiving services from our center means a small commitment from you. Agreeing to the commitment below means that you will have access to our tutoring services. It also means that YOU WILL BE ENROLLED IN LEARN 502 AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER. LEARN 502 IS A ZERO UNIT, NO GRADE COURSE AND WILL NOT IMPACT YOUR GPA. Learn 502 is simply a way for us to track students' usage of our services.
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Be on time for all tutoring appointments that you schedule. Being late will result in a no-show. Do you agree with these terms? *
If you need to cancel an appointment, call 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a no-show status. Do you agree with these terms? *
Two or more no shows means that you will lose privileges to our center. Do you agree with these terms? *
I understand that 3 or more cancellations (calling at least 24 hours in advance) will result in loss of privileges. *
Come prepared! Bring your books, notes, prompts, assignments, and questions. Tutors will not do your homework for you. You must have already made an attempt on your own. Do you agree with these terms? *
Be respectful of our tutors and our space. Do you agree with these terms? *
I understand that advancements toward tutors or any SSC employee will result in loss of privileges. *
I understand that I will be enrolled in LEARN 502 at the end of the semester. (Learn 502 is a zero unit, no grade course that will have no impact on your GPA or academic standing). *
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