Morro Bay Volunteers Helping Neighbors
Every Morro Bay community member is impacted by our current COVID-19 disaster in varying magnitudes. This disaster is affecting individual households, local communities, regions, states, or the entire nation. When a disaster occurs, neighbors and community organizations want to reach out and help, but this is not always easy. During a disaster, organizing a community response may be hindered by the chaotic nature of the event. Communities are better served if a Community VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Assiting in Disasters) is in place for collaboration, coordination, communication, and cooperation.

Join our team so we can reach out to you and your organization to use your talents in an organized way to avoid duplications. Morro Bay Cares program is reaching out to every citizen in many ways to find their needs for the many days and weeks coming up. We look forward working with you and your organization to make a difference neighbors helping neighbors.
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