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Salam Shop / Membership Application Form
Salam Shop is an inspirational place to shop.

We curate high quality & unique items for our loyal customers and focus on products that have a compelling story. From local Islamic artwork to handmade jewelry made in the West Bank - we are the world leaders in curating unique lifestyle products that appeal to modern Muslims. Our products are sold in a retail location in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) and globally online at

Get a taste for our unique style by visiting our online store ( or by viewing our instagram account

If you think your product would be a great fit at the shop, fill out this application form and send an email to indicating that you have filled out this form.

If the team is interested in your brand and products, you'll get an email requesting an in-person or skype meeting to chat about your story. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all requests for membership and only brands we are interested in will receive communication from us. You are welcome to follow up on your application, but please wait at least 14 days before doing so.

Don't forget to email us at after you fill out this application :)
Good Luck!

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