LICKY LICKY - User Video Upload
This is where you can upload your video to help crowd-source the making of LICKY LICKY by ALL HAIL HYENA
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5-steps to help us make a music video (fancy dress optional)
Here are the 5-Steps for helping us build the crowd-sourced music video for LICKY LICKY:

1 - Find a fun location, a smartphone and another person with a smartphone or sexy pro camera. Go crazy.

2 - Play the video (below) full screen, full-volume on the smartphone whilst holding it up to your mouth, screen facing towards the camera, and have someone film THE FULL SONG on their smartphone or sexy camera but make sure it's filmed LANDSCAPE and in 1080 resolution or higher. Move your arms. Move your legs. Move your eyes.

2b - Make sure the video can be seen clearly at all times

3 - Send the video you just filmed to us at via one of the following sites:

4 - Let us know your name as you would like to be known, so we can credit you for helping us make this video!

5 - Await your gift via email as a thank you.

Any questions please email us at and we'll answer as soon as we can.

Thank you for being part of this Guerrilla, global DIY project!
Welcome To Creation!
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