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This feature is for indie authors / publishers only. All books MUST either be currently available for purchase or have a pre-order link. Also, I host a family-friendly site so all books MUST have a PG-13 or lower rating.

As I no longer accept indie review requests, I created this feature to help shine light on the wonderful works by indie authors. I hope to feature a different indie novel every Friday. The feature will include everything you filled out here, as well as any bonus material such as excerpt, teaser, interview etc.

To be considered for the feature, you MUST provide me with a sample of your book for my screening process. I'm happy to sample your work via Amazon or a website link. If neither of these options are available or your book is on pre-order, please email a sample to me ( Please bear in mind that not all books submitted will be selected for a feature.

Thank you for reading!

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