Career Path High Sports Club Disclosure
All Sports Club Activities will take place on Mondays, 11:30-12. (Grass field directly east of the LDS Institute building, just north of DTC Parking Lot P5.)

"It has been said athletics challenge the body, mind, and spirit. They bring out the best in people, because athletic competition engenders characteristics, dedication, determination, awareness, self-confidence, cooperation, and sensitivity to self and others. {At CPH}, we believe the very same principles apply to academics. Learning requires the same degree of energy and commitment as sports participation, and yields comparable benefits for the individual. Because of this, we think learning and athletics go hand in hand to help the individual man or woman discover and realize their true potential in life."
- Anonymous
If a student chooses to participate in the Sports Club, they will obey the following rules:
1. Safety is top priority and all rules will be followed as designated by the Sports Club Faculty Instructor at the beginning of each session.
2. Sportsmanship will be highly valued by all participating students.
3. Foul or abusive language, and aggressive behavior, will not be tolerated.
4. The purpose of this club is to have fun and create athletic opportunities for students of all abilities. Athletes will do their best to ensure all participants have fun.

By completing and submitting this electronic form, both the student and parent/guardian acknowledge the above rules, and understand CPH does not take responsibility for injury that may occur via sports pariticpation.
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