Marian Street Theatre
Tuesday 26th June is the Council decision on Marian St Theatre. It's vital that as many supporters as possible attend! How can Councillor represent the wishes of their community if they don't know what they are? By attended and wearing RED you will demonstrate loudly and clearly that you want Marian St Theatre open.

The address is 818 Pacific Highway, Gordon - enter via Dumaresq St. We recommend arriving at 6:45 for the vote, and having dinner beforehand. You don't need to attend the whole night, just stay for what you can, they do sometimes run late.

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Totes and Polo Shirts
Would you be interested in joining the team with a supporting Marian Street Theatre polo shirt and/or tote bag? We'll have them there at the Council vote tomorrow - we have 5 medium shirts left, and 15 tote bags (we sold all the others).

Each polo shirt and tote bag helps fund the campaign by covering the costs of printing flyers and posters.

Polo shirts are $25 and tote bags are $12 (or 4 for $36). If you would like to order one in advance, please email info @

Tote and Polo shirts
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