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To help create a program to meet your specific goals, its helpful to know your movement background, familiarity with, and goals in circus (both on and off an apparatus).

So please fill out the form below. If it's easier for you to do a video intake, fill out the mandatory sections and in the comments, just indicate that you want to meet online to prep.

Welcome to your (straps, pole, handstands, circus) journey!
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What's your movement background?
What are your top 5-10 circus goals?
Please include both short-term (within one month) and long-term (within six months) goals
How have you been progressing toward these goals and how has that been going?
If you can, include progressions that have worked/haven't worked
What equipment do you currently have at your disposal and how often do you have access?
We can work with however COVID's affected your training access, whether its on a pull up bar, in a muggle gym, circus space, or playground
What sorts of skills do you feel have "high reversibility" for you?
These would be skills you find hard to maintain or progress without a lot of consistent practice
Take a couple moments to tell me about your ideal training schedule and volume
This includes length/intensity of workouts and frequency of workouts
Do you have any current injuries (and if so, what's your recovery regimen like)?
Please attach links to videos that includes your maximum effort in the following skills (or progressions towards these skills): pull-ups, leg lifts, push ups with elbows in, active/passive splits, forward straddle (pancake), forward fold (pike), active hip extension (how far you can lift the leg behind you), shoulder extension/flexion (how far you can lift a broom handle held shoulder-width apart both overhead and when behind your back)
Ideally uploaded to Google Drive, YouTube, or Vimeo
Anything else you think I should know?
Recipes, people to follow, shows to watch...
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