Application for Letterpress Open Studio
Letterpress Open Studio is a BookArtsLA program to encourage independent work for artists of all levels. The Open Studio is open to all who can demonstrate proficiency working in a letterpress studio. This form collects contact information from interested artists, details about your experience with printing, and a short description of the projects you'd like to complete.

This form is part of your application package which includes:
1. Become a member of the Letterpress Open Studio, fees are $150/month with a 3-month minimum
2. Complete this online application to give us contact information and additional information about you
3. Meet with a Press Coach to demonstrate proficiency and also complete an introduction to BookArtsLA's studio and preferred practices
4. Reserve your studio time online.

After completing this form, we will follow up with you. Give us a day or two to reply! We're very excited about this program. If you have questions, please email
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Email where we can contact you:
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Mailing address:
Briefly describe your experience with letterpress. Please list workshops or classes you've taken. Did you set type, print on a tabletop press, print on a Vandercook, complete a class project? Be sure to include any independent work you've done.
Briefly describe several of the Letterpress Projects you've completed. When you meet with a Press Coach for your introduction, please plan to bring samples of your work. Did you print Business Cards, invitations, relief prints, posters, a book, participate in a collaborative class project. How many copies did you print?
What projects do you have in mind for your time in Letterpress Open Studio? Please include details like: Are you planning to use metal or wood type? Will you work on a series? Is your project an edition, how many copies?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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