Paralia Survey- Thank You For Your Feedback!
Paralia is a volunteer based program uniquely designed for newcomer artists and cultural workers who want to continue their career in the arts & culture sector in Canada.

Please take a minute to fill out our survey. Your answers are completely confidential and will be used to inform Paralia as to identify the current needs of newcomer artists and cultural workers, allowing us to better serve this silenced group of passionate and creative people and shape us into a form of community.

Thank you for your time and support.
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1.Were you an artist or cultural worker before coming to Canada?
2.You would consider yourself:
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3.As an artist, which mediums do you work with? Cultural workers, please go on to the next question.
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4.If you are a cultural worker, in which field did you work? Artists, please go on to the next question.
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5.Do you plan on continuing your career as an artist/cultural worker, and/or seeking a career in the arts & culture sector?
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6.Where are you from/where were did you live before coming to Canada? (City/Country)
7.In which area do you currently reside? (Postal code)
8.Which age group do you belong to?
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9.What is the biggest challenge you have encountered?
What difficulties have you faced trying to continue your artistic career?
10.How did you find this survey?
11.What would you like to know about the arts & culture sector in Canada?
Is there anything you would to learn through our workshops/consultation?
12.Feel free to leave your name/initial here, so we can properly address you.
13. How long have you been in Canada?
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