pARTners Educator Final Grant Report
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In order for pARTners to meet the reporting requirements for our donors and grants, we require the following items:
1. Statistical Information
2. Digital photos or film: at least one of students at work and one of the completed project (please make sure we have permission to print in our publications).
3. A short narrative describing your project.
4. Antidotal statements for marketing purposes.
Name *
Email *
School/Organization *
Project Title *
Project Dates *
Grades *
Who Was Involved?
Statistical Information:
Number of students impacted? *
Names of staff involved, the organization they represent and their role in the project? *
Names of involved pARTners artist and their role in the project? *
If there was a performance or event, how many people attended?
Location of the performance or event?
Number of volunteers involved, their role and hours participated in the project?
Narrative Section
Did your project meet the goals proposed in the original application?  Why or why not? *
How did you evaluate the success of your project?  Was it successful? Why or why not?   (Note:  Please include rubrics or other means of assessment.) *
Do you plan to do this project again?  If so, what changes would make to the project in the future. *
Can you identify a moment that stood out during the project (a student statement and/or reflection, etc.) that pARTners could use in a future grant or campaign about the impact of pARTners on students. *
Do you have any suggestions for pARTners that would help with the design or implementation of the project?
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