Traditional Wedding Venue Reservation
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Usage Guidelines
1. Reservations for the Wedding Venue must be made at least three days in advance of the desired date.

2. Reservations for the Wedding Venue will be for a 24 hour period starting at 12:00 am on the day you reserve and going until 11:59pm. There will only be one wedding group per day.

3. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to end their events on time and clean up the parcel. Anything not removed by the end of their reserved time may be returned. 

4. A dance system are available for your use. 

5. You can rez your own small decorations inside the build. You will have a LI allotment of 1000 and you will need to provide a list of everyone who will want to rez.

6. You are able to select the windlight if you desire.

7. You can have the audio stream set to the url of your choice if you wish to have music during your ceremony or at an afterparty. You may have one stream only and it needs to be provided in advance so we can apply it to the parcel land settings.

8. Events will have voice disabled by default, but voice can be enabled by request.

9. Safety and push options cannot be reset.

10. The Wedding Venue parcel title, description and image cannot be changed.

11. Bellisseria is a non-commercial continent. There will be no advertising or selling of goods or services. This includes tipjars and donation kiosks.

12. The Wedding Venue is public. Events are open to the general SL community and not limited to Bellisseria Residents or Premium Members.

13. The Wedding Venue is rated moderate. All events hosted there need to align with the moderate rating. No adult events.
I agree to the above Usage Guidelines for the Traditional Wedding Venue.
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This needs to be your legacy name so that we can get in touch with you. If you provide your display name, we will not be able to contact you.
Alternative Contact *
A second person we can contact if we can't get in touch with you. Legacy name please.
Reservation Date *
Please check the booking calendar to make sure your date is free. You will have the venue for the entire day so you will have time to do any light decorating you wish to do, have the ceremony and a party afterwards, as well as clean up.

Stream information
You have the option to have the audio stream of your choice added to the parcel for the duration of the event. This needs to be provided in advance so it can be added to the parcel land settings before your event.
Additional Information
If you have any other concerns or questions, feel free to list them here.
Thank you!
You will be contacted in world by Mischievious Mole to confirm your reservation and finalize any information that is needed. Congratulations on your approaching nuptials!
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