Notification Circle

I'm a physics student and TechGeek who is interested in conversation about science, tech, computers, smartphones as well as social media, SEO, online privacy, blogging with other topics including photography and fun. Thus my posts are not dedicated to any particular topic. I post about all of these topics and any other topics too if I find them interesting enough.

Those who know me very well on Google+ also know that I always share anything publicly, not with any specific circle and never send special notifications. However observing other peoples doing this and considering its pros and cons, I’m at conclusion to set my new notification circles. (If you carefully observe, my ‘pros and cons’ are extremely good debaters ;))

→ Never miss important post
→ No need to sort and look for specific type of posts
→ Avoid distraction caused by other posts
→ Direct notification my ME

→ Miss other impressive posts
→ Fail to test the whole dish with mixture of sweets
→ Have to stick with certain topic
→ One more addition in red box

Based on the types of post that I share on Google+, I’ve created some notification circles. So if you want to catch up notifications for particular type/s of posts, just mention them here and I’ll add you in respective circle/s.

Note: All posts will be shared publicly and not only with these circles, idea behind this is only to shout in your notification box if you wish not to miss any post.

    This is a required question
    Hey, only URL to your profile. Nothing else.
    This is a required question
    This is a required question
    This is a required question

    Thank you subscribing to my notification circle/s. Enjoy!


    Don't be like a cat on a hot tin roof, you always have option to opt-out from these circles. However I'll appreciate if you send me private message (Private post, message from my profile) and talk about it without interrupting ongoing conversion in any post.