Ophthalmology Services
To help with future planning we would like to find out about your experiences of using Ophthalmology services in West Herts.
Have you used Ophthalmology services in the last 12 months?
Where was the service you accessed?
Please rate your experiences:
Not sure
Are you satisfied with the service in general?
Are there any improvements you would like to the service?
Are you satisfied with the location and accessibility of the service in terms of local transport etc
Are you satisfied with the waiting times to access the services
Are you satisfied with the waiting time to be seen at your appointment time?
Would you like to access services closer to where you live, in a community setting?
Please give some information to explain your ratings above
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What is most important to you?
Column 1
Where possible, having all tests done on the same day as my appointment
Where my condition involves more than one specialist, to be able to see both specialists on the same day?
Choice of appointments
Consistency in clinical staff providing treatment
Involvement in the decision making about the care I receive
Do you have any thoughts on the service that you would like to share?
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