Community Perceptions of Rural Vibrancy and Local Development
Asdee Community Development Association is currently compiling a five-year development plan for our locality. We want to ensure everybody has an opportunity to input into this development plan. All local residents are invited to complete this questionnaire, and to give their views on local needs and potential. All responses are COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. It will take approximately 10 to 15 minutest to complete this questionnaire. The plan is being funded by BIM and the South West FLAG (Fisheries Local Action Group).Enquiries may be made to Paul O’Raw / Brendan O’Keeffe, who are independently facilitating this process. Email:
All responses are completely confidential and will go directly and exclusively to Brendan and Paul.
1. Are you? (please tick)
2. To which of the following age categories do you belong? (please tick one of the following)
3. In which townland do you live?
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4. Which of the following best describes how long you have lived in Asdee? (please tick)
5. What is your nationality?
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6. Are you a member of any community or voluntary group? (please tick)
If yes, how many hours, in a typical week, do you devote to voluntary activities?
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If no, would you be interested in becoming a member of a local group?
What is the main factor that prevents you from joining a voluntary organisation?
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7. What three words would you use to describe Asdee?
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8. What three words would you use to describe North Kerry?
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9. Please indicate if you agree or disagree with each of the statements below - in relation to Asdee.
People in this community have a good standard of living.
Most people in this community have decent jobs.
The local economy is as strong here as in other rural areas.
Local people are good to support local businesses.
Local businesses appreciate local custom.
This locality attracts investment.
This community produces entrepreneurs and self-starters.
People with business ideas can get support and advice locally.
Local middle-income earners can afford to buy a house in this community.
We have good public services in this community.
Public Transport Services are sufficient to meet local needs.
The local policing service is satisfactory.
Local Government services here are good.
Innovation is valued and recognised in the community.
Local roads have improved over recent years.
We have good mobile phone coverage.
We have good broadband connectivity.
We have at least one public festival annually that generates a feeling of magic and excitement.
We have good sports and recreation facilities.
There are good facilities for meetings locally.
We have good facilities for our young people.
You see many active, healthy-looking seniors in this locality.
Schools and education services are excellent.
This community believes in itself. We think that with enough support, we can do anything.
Crime is not a problem in this community.
For newcomers to the community and those who wish to, there are meaningful opportunities to get involved and make a difference in the community.
Young adults (age 25–34) consider the community a desirable place to live.
People greet each other, regardless of whether they know them.
There are friendly public spaces where all people feel welcome.
There are opportunities for inclusion and support for those with intellectual disabilities or special needs.
There are opportunities for inclusion and support for those with physical disabilities.
Groups with similar interests form alliances and co-operate to achieve goals.
Citizens are committed to this community—they have a strong sense that they belong here.
The community has a distinct culture and heritage that are appreciated by the community.
There are good cultural and arts facilities locally.
It’s easy to get volunteers for community activities / events.
Asdee is good to cooperate with neighbouring communities.
Our community is welcoming of people who have come here from other countries.
Members of the Travelling community are welcome here.
People in Asdee are open to new ideas and perspectives.
Asdee can influence its future through its own actions.
We have a high quality natural environment.
Our natural resources are well protected.
Our marine and coastline are well protected.
For local people, the integrity of the environment is a priority.
The drinking water is clean, and it tastes good.
There are adequate recycling facilities locally.
Planning and development are carried out in a sustainable way.
Buildings are appropriate to the local landscape.
Local farmers are true guardians of the countryside and farm in an environmentally friendly manner.
I would accept more wind turbines in this locality.
10. How would you describe the impact of youth out-migration on your local community? Please tick the option below that best describes your experience.
11. What, if anything, do you like about living in Asdee?
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12. What, if anything, do you dislike about living in Asdee?
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13. The most recent Census of Population (2016) reveals that the ED (Electoral Division) of Asdee has a total population of 480.In your opinion, what would be the ideal number of persons that should be living here? Please give an exact number (not a range).
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14. Are there any particular amenities or facilities that should be developed in Asdee?
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15. What needs to be done to encourage more young people to live in Asdee?
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16. What are the principal current issues facing your local community?
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17. What are the development priorities for Asdee? In other words, what needs to be done to make Asdee a better place in which to live and work? Please be specific.
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Thank you for completing this questionnaire.
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