OPH Rotating GIVE Menu Partner Application: July 15-December 31, 2019
We are excited that you are interested in partnering with the Oregon Public House to raise funds and awareness for your mission!

In selecting organizations for our Rotating GIVE Menu partnership there are a few things that we look for:
- Local. The closer to the Oregon Public House, the better.
- Small(ish). Annual operating budget close to or under $500,000, however we seek to include organizations of various sizes during each rotation.
- Engagement with OPH. We seek nonprofits that wish to collaborate with us and work together to have a fun, unique partnership which inspires and unites our communities.

While these are some things the board looks for when selecting partners we do welcome organizations of all sizes, missions* and locations to apply. Further, it is neither a guarantee nor a requirement however we recommend nonprofits engage with OPH through one or more of our other fundraising programs before applying for the GIVE Menu partnership. More information about all of our programs can be found on our website here: https://oregonpublichouse.com/pdx-supported-charities.php

What we offer:
- Fundraising: OPH donates all proceeds after expenses based on our customers votes,
- Awareness: Throughout the partnership we will use our networks to spread awareness about your mission,
- Village Ballroom Event: Partners are invited to hold a rental-waived event in our venue space during the rotation,
- Artistic Partnerships: OPH facilitates two partnerships to highlight your work with local artists and stand up comedians!

What we ask:
- Tell Everyone: Help us spread the word about this partnership and encourage your supporters to check out OPH,
- Engage with Us: Make this a participatory partnership, we've got lots of ideas for ways get connected,
- Make Yourselves at Home: Use our space creatively and share suggestions for how we make the partnership work better,
- Stay in touch: Let us know how it’s going, share your ideas, feedback and outcomes. Our patrons (and staff) love to know what you’re up to and what the impact of this program has been on your work!

If you're interested in this opportunity to get your name out and raise some funds while raising a glass, please fill out the form below.

We will closing the application process at 5pm on February 27th and will contact all applicants within a few weeks, once decisions have been made. Please email partnerships@oregonpublichouse.com if you have any questions.

Cheers and good luck,
Oregon Public House

*In pursuit of our mission, OPH partners with non-profit organizations that respond to a wide gamut of social, communal and environmental needs. We welcome organizations of all sizes, mission focuses and locations so long as they do not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, politics, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of their activities or operations.

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Which category or categories best fits your mission focus, if other please specify and elaborate in the next question *
Who are the target community(ies) and what is the primary geographic area your organization serves? *
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Please describe your mission/work in ~ 60 words, as you would like it explained to our customers. *
This text would be featured on the back of OPH's menu during your rotation.
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What opportunity, project, or event would OPH's financial contributions be helping your team fund? *
Please include details and specifics if possible, our patrons love to know what the impact of their purchases were on your organization and work.
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What strategies would you use to engage with OPH and our patrons during the partnership? *
The busier OPH is, the more money we can donate to our nonprofit partners. We encourage you to think creatively about how you can utilize this partnership to both raise money by bringing in business and raise awareness by engaging our patrons with your work.
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