University of Idaho- Alpha Gamma Rho- 2018 Leadership Scholarship Application
Thank you for your interest in the Alpha Gamma Rho – Freshman Scholarship. Our organization celebrates academic and extracurricular success by gentlemen at the University of Idaho through a competitive scholarship program.
Please complete the following information and submit by April 27th. You must be an incoming freshman or transfer student attending the University of Idaho in the Fall of 2018 to apply. By applying for this $1000 scholarship, you are not committing yourself to membership in the sponsoring organization or any other organization. The scholarship will be awarded to the most outstanding applicant.
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High School
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Our organization is deeply rooted in a mutual commitment to becoming better members of society while striving to improve our community at large. We believe having strong values and a vision for the future are vital to achieving this. Please give a brief explanation for the following:
What do you wish to gain from your college experience?
What does integrity mean to you?
Interested in more information about Alpha Gamma Rho?
Please upload a personal résumé
Any questions or concerns about the scholarship application, or Alpha Gamma Rho- Please contact Eric Ball at (208) 859-5587, or email at Thanks!
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