St Antony's GCR Gym Signup 2015-16
Please fill out this form to get access to the gym at St Antony's during the 2015-16 academic year. The GCR runs them gym and charges a £15 membership fee per year for students use the gym. This allows us to keep the equipment in the gym in working order and make new investments. If you believe this fee will cause you significant hardship, please email the Treasurer (
First Name(s) *
As appear on your Bod card
Last Name(s) *
As appear on your Bod card
Email Address *
Preferably your Oxford account, but one which you check regularly. We will send any necessary information about the gym to this address.
Student ID number *
The SIX digit number that appears on your ID above the blue box in the lower, left-hand corner of your Bod card.
Battels Account Number *
Check your battels statement for the account number, generally five digits.
Safety Induction
Please indicate how you have fulfilled the college's requirement that all gym users attend a safety induction:
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