GIUサロン 昇級試験23


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Q1. When I touched him on the shoulder, he ___. *
10 points
Q2. They were playing cards, so I ______. *
10 points
Q3. I put the fire _____ with a fire extinguisher. *
10 points
Q4. I’ve ____ on two kilos in the last month. *
10 points
Q5. Did you hear the alarm ______ off? *
10 points
Q6. There used to be a shop at the end of the street. 
It _____ down a few years ago. *
10 points
Q7. Laura _____ up photography a few years ago. *
10 points
Q8. I’m surprised to hear that Kate and Paul have _____ up. They seemed very happy together. [2つ正解で20点] *
20 points
Q9. 空欄を埋めてください。 When the children finished playing with their toys, they ____ them away. *
10 points
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