2015 USSSA Umpire Test - Part 2
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The batter is out when...
51) ...the batter steps in front of the catcher making a play on a runner stealing home
52) ...a thrown bat hinders a fielder attempting a play
53) ...there is a called third strike
54) ...with two strikes, the batter bunts
55) ...they swing with their foot on home plate
Courtesy Runner: Pam is one of five substitutes who have not participated at all in the game...
56) In the top of the first inning Pam is put in as a courtesy runner for the pitcher. The listed pitcher never pitches. Pam is retroactively considered a substitute and may never be a courtesy runner
57) The team fails to report Pam as a courtesy runner. Pam becomes an illegal substitute
58) A courtesy runner may not be used for the DP
59) Pam courtesy runs for the pitcher in the 6th inning and scores. In the same inning Pam is allowed to pinch run for the shortstop but can no longer be used as a courtesy runner for the remainder of the game
60) A team is playing with only nine players. The pitcher walks. The last batted out may be used as a courtesy runner
The batter-runner is out when...
61) ...the first baseman with ball in glove touches the glove to first base before the batter-runner touches first
62) ...they run outside the 3 foot running lane
63) ...they move backward toward home
64) ...enter the dugout
65) ...with a runner on first (second and third unoccupied); one out; the shortstop intentionally drops a fair fly ball.
The runner is out when the runner...
66) ...while being obstructed by the first baseman hits them with an elbow
67) ...helps the runner in front of them with their hands.
68) ...with the pitcher in the circle with the ball, they stand off third and watch the batter runner go to first
69) ...is hit by a batted ball.
70) ...misses third base while scoring and goes into dugout
Amy on 3rd, Betty on 1st; Cathy hits the ball with an illegal bat; Amy scores; Betty is forced out at 2nd base; Cathy is safe at 1st
71) Before the next pitch it is discovered that Cathy used an illegal bat. Amy's run counts
72) Before the next pitch it is discovered that Cathy used an illegal bat. Betty's out stands.
73) Before the next pitch it is discovered that Cathy used an illegal bat. Cathy is out.
74) After an illegal pitch but before the next legal pitch it is discovered that Cathy used an illegal bat. Cathy is out.
75) Since this occurred after a team warning for using an illegal bat, Cathy is restricted to the bench and the head coach is ejected from the game
Restricted / Ejected
76) After a team warning, a player is caught wearing jewelry and is restricted to the bench. The team is playing with nine players. They may continue and play short
77) A player deliberately throws her bat and is ejected. The team is playing with nine players. They may continue and play short
78) A youth player who gets in a fist fight must leave (out of sight & sound)
79) The coach may use an electronic scorebook
80) To clarify his position with the umpire, a coach may bring a rule book (hard copy or electronic) onto the field
Base Umpire's initial position with no runners on base
81) Base Umpire should be 18-21 feet beyond first base straddling the foul line
82) Ball is hit on line drive to short right field. The base umpire may move into foul territory, 90 degrees and square to 1st base to make the call
83) On a fly ball, turn, watch the catch, signal the out, and let the plate umpire watch the batter/runner touch first base.
Fly-ball tag-up responsibilities in the Two Umpire System
84) The plate umpire has all tag-ups at 3rd base
85) The base umpire has all tag ups at 1st and 2nd base
86) Runner on 2nd. Fly ball/line drive to outfield and caught. Runner tagged up and heading to 3rd. Base umpire has call at 3rd.
Base Umpire Mechanics / Responsibilities
87) No runner on base. Extra base hit. The plate umpire has all calls at 3rd base
88) R1 on 1st base. Base umpire sets up between 1st & 2nd base, to the left of F4 in a set position
89) R1 on 1st base, R2 on 2nd base. Ball is hit in the infield. Plate umpire has initial call at 3rd base and the base umpire has calls at 1st and 2nd base.
90) R1 on 1st base, R2 on 2nd base. Single to outfield. The plate umpire watches the batter-runner touch first while the base umpire watches all other runners.
91) R2 on 2nd base, R3 on 3rd. Base umpire should be behind and to the right of F6 in set position
92) The base umpire is responsible for recording all conferences, substitutes, courtesy runners & scores
93) The base umpire immediately announces infield fly when it seems apparent that a batted ball will be an infield fly
Plate Mechanics
94) With a runner on 2nd base only, if the first play is at 1st base and there is a throw to 3rd, the plate umpire has the call at 3rd
95) With runners on 1st and 2nd on a base hit and the initial play is not to 3rd base, commit to 3rd as you watch the play at 1st or 2nd. Make the call at 3rd base on any initial play
96) With runners on 1st & 3rd, single to outfield, immediately move to the holding area in foul territory between 3rd and home. Watch R3 touch home. If R1 is advancing to 3rd, commit to 3rd and adjust to the play.
97) Only the plate umpire can call illegal pitches
98) Between innings, the plate umpire shall face the team that is coming to bat, approximately 8-10 feet from the line on a perpendicular line from where the foul line meets the plate.
99) No runner on base. Hit to infield. Plate umpire leaves the plate area using the most expedient route, trailing the batter-runner in fair territory 15 feet up the line
100) Plate umpire is responsible for correcting a score keeping error if brought to their attention before the umpires leave the field when the game is over
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