Parkwood 3-5th Grade Climate Survey
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How do you feel when you are at Parkwood? *
I feel like I do well on my work at school. *
Parkwood teachers want me to do my best at school. *
Grown-ups at Parkwood treat me with respect. *
Good behavior is noticed at Parkwood. *
I feel safe at Parkwood. *
I get along well with other kids at Parkwood. *
Students at Parkwood treat each other kindly. *
I have a trusted grown-up at Parkwood who can help me if I need it. *
I feel like I belong at Parkwood. *
When your teachers ask, "How are you?" they really want to know. *
I can tell people at Parkwood how I'm feeling and name my emotions. *
I have tools and strategies to help calm myself down at school when I need to. *
I have tools and strategies to change my mood at school when I need to. *
I have tools and strategies to manage my emotions at school when others around me are upset or angry. *
I follow the directions of grown-ups at Parkwood. *
I can pay attention to my teachers at Parkwood and ignore distractions when I need to. *
I can stay calm at school even when someone is bothering me. *
I let others speak at school without interrupting them. *
I have tools and strategies to control my emotions when I am frustrated at school. *
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