'Mikvah 1000' ~ ONE By ONE ~ Preparing The Jewish Woman To Greet Moshiach Now!
Join Jewish women throughout the world to bring peace to Israel, and Moshiach now - Through going to the Mikvah! It says in HaYom Yom that Mikvah literally saves lives! Together we will save lives and bring Moshiach now! Shabbat Candles brings the light of Moshiach to the world! Keeping Kosher is one of the final preparations to enter Eretz Yisroel with Moshiach!

בזכות נשים צדקניות נגאלו אבותינו ממצרים, ובזכותן עתידן להגאל

Campaign To Inspire ONE woman to light Shabbat/ Yom Tov Candles ~ Neshek. To Inspire ONE woman to go to the Mikvah - Taharas HaMishpocho, To Inspire ONE woman to add in Kosher Laws.
To gather the Jewish woman, ONE by ONE to prepare themselves to greet Moshiach Now BezH!
To join this campaign, and commit to find ONE woman for each of these Mitzvot, please fill out the following information. These will be given to the Rebbe BezH. Hatzlocho Rabbo Umuflogoh!

Please email: channa@chabadbw.com for more information, or further assistance.

I would like to join the 'ONE By ONE' Global Moshiach Campaign BezH
To gather ONE woman to go to the Mikvah, ONE woman/girl to light Shabbat/Yom Tov Candles, ONE woman to add in the Kosher Laws BezH
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Mikvah 1000
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