BackStory Youth Leadership (BYLP) Application
Thank you for your interest in joining our leadership program! We are excited to learn more about you. BYLP was formed in 2017 as an opportunity for teens to learn essential leadership and communication skills to help them in any future goals and careers. Current BYLP members will review this application and discuss its contents, and what they may know of you from Academy Classes and Youth Theatre shows, before voting to include you in the program. BYLP is open to any students aged 14-18 (through summer after HS graduation) who have participated in at least one Youth Theatre Production and/or two Academy classes within the past three years. Participation in BYLP is a one year commitment, beginning in late January and ending the following year, with an opportunity to renew your participation for another year by November 30th each year; once voted in as a member, leaders need not apply in future years to stay in BYLP! There are a limited number of spots available each year; if you are not selected this year, we hope you will consider applying again next year! BYLP has a maximum of 15 members in any given year to ensure the most opportunity for connection and growth.

Please be sure you understand the commitment you are making to the program before applying. There is no fee to be in BYLP but members are expected to attend at least two quarterly meetings, our retreat in May, and fully participate in at least THREE events per year. Meeting dates are determined by group availability. Events may include: 1) a week of team-teaching during our summer Academy class season (most members will teach at least two weeks); 2) cast or crew for our annual winter/spring youth-led BYLP production; 3) teaching a free theatre workshop in our community; 4) assistant teaching an Academy performance class (taught by a staff Artistic Instructor); 5) we love new suggestions for ways you can get involved, enrich our community, and grow as a teammate and leader - so make a suggestion!

BYLP hours may count toward volunteer requirements for school or other projects but please know that the BYLP program is intended to be a skill and character building experience and that we expect all members to take seriously their commitments to leadership in events, building theatrical skills, mentoring our younger actors, and having challenging conversations to grow as a team! Please provide an email and plan to check & respond to emails in a timely fashion throughout the year.
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BYLP's annual summit is required participation for every member. In 2021, the summit will be held May 2nd from approximately 8:30am-3:30pm. Please confirm you have put this commitment on your schedule and will attend (barring a legitimate emergency). *
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Please tell us how you would respond in the given situation: You are teaching a small group of 5-10 year-olds. They are enjoying playing a fun group game which requires that students sometimes all be boisterous and sometimes all be quiet at the same time, but two students consistently break the silence to make loud, silly noises. You’ve already asked them once, nicely, to participate appropriately but they continue to make the sounds and disrupt the game. The other students appear to think it’s funny and several are beginning to join in. *
Please tell us how you would respond in the given situation: You are scheduled to be Stage Manager for a week of peer teaching. The Assistant Director has selected a game which you think is going to be more disruptive and confusing than effective for what the class needs. How do you address the need for a different activity with your co-teacher? *
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