Parking Application
Welcome Home! We're excited to create new pathways to live affordably in the big city with you. The following Application should take about 20 minutes of your time. The more detail and honesty you give to us, the more likely we can find you a place or create one. Currently spaces are very limited, But we do have them. The more flexible you and your rig are in requirements the more likely we can find something for you. If we locate a match and you pass our screening process, we will be in contact. Please direct all questions to
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Name *
First and last name
What is the length in feet of your unit? *
What is it? RV? Travel Trailer? Bus? Tiny Home on wheels? Gypsy Wagon? Tell us its origin story, did you build it out? Did you purchase it? *
Do you prefer space in a Backyard? or living within a community of other tiny home dwellers? *
Do you need to move? Once you've found your space, can your home stay put for the duration of your lease? or would you want to be able to move it in and out of its location? *
Are you good with Dry Camping? In these cases, water would not flow through your unit and you would use a central bathroom and kitchen. *
Please describe how you solve for energy in your home? Do you charge batteries with Solar? Do you run a generator? Do you require a connection to AC Power? Please note we do not support fossil fuel generators for reasons of safety the environment and respect for our neighbors. *
What are your outdoor storage needs? Because of the stigma of "trailer parks" and the images on our streets Your ability to maintain a tidy appearance at all times on the outside of your unit will be very important to the survival of this housing model. Can you commit to minimal and tidy storage outside of your home? If you do anticipate storage needs please describe how you would meet that requirement. *
What is the length of stay you anticipate? 2 months? 1 year? the foreseeable future? *
What will be the most reliable way to contact you for important notifications about the property, Do you check email daily? Do you feel comfortable using a platform like Slack? is text message the best form for you? Please put some thought in how we can best stay in communication that fits with your life patterns. *
How long have you lived in your unit? And where have you currently been parking it? If you are new to this, please describe your current housing situation? *
Please describe any potential Safety Issues you've had in the past or it would be smart to anticipate with your unit. *
Do you use a composting toilet? If yes Please describe the cover material you use and what you do with the contents of your toilet when you empty it? *
Can you afford to pay $600 monthly for a space? If the answer is no, please describe the range (Min and Max) you'd like to see spaces available for and any ideas on how to add value to and incentivize landowners to get that price down. *
If there is a cost associated with prepping the space for your unit, would you be willing to cover those costs in a nonrefundable deposit? *
How do you commute? Off street parking will be rare. If it is a possibility, would you be willing to pay extra to incentive for that? *
Extra Notes about your Unit's ideal needs
Will you be living in the unit with someone else? Pet Lizard? partner? occasional visits from sibling, please let us know here: *
Date of move in? please describe if there is wiggle room or if there isnt we'd like to know that too. *
In what Neighborhood or Area would you prefer to land your home? List all areas of preference.
From what income or saving source will you make your monthly contributions. Please be as honest and specific as possible. *
Please list 3 references, either people you have lived with before or landlords/property managers. Please include their full names, email addresses and phone numbers. *
What are 3 Fun Facts about yourself, that we can share with your potential new community members:
If we are able to locate a Pad-match for you and your unit, how valuable is that to you? What would be a fair fee for this service?
Gender Pronoun? *
Age *
Emergency Contact/Reference Person Please explain your relationship to the person. (list as many as you like. We do need at least one Emergency Contact. ) *
Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, personal blog or site (send us your links so we can get a better sense of who you are)
Phone number *
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