Email Side Hustle Coaching Program
Fill out the questions below to see if you qualify for the Email Side Hustle program. I've made this program as "Business in a Box" as possible, so most of the hardest work is already done for you.

What you'll be doing is writing and sending emails that sell on behalf of other businesses. They will pay you anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 per month to do this. How do I know? Because I built a multi 6-figure agency that has done this for for 3 years.

If you can write and send an email to a friend, you can succeed with this program. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. Most of my best emails are written at a 3rd-4th grade level.

There are a limited amount of spots available because there will be more coaching in the pilot version of this program. So don't hold back and fill out this application completely to be considered.

I will be reviewing these 1-by-1 over the next week and reach out personally to those who are qualified.
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What is your full name? *
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Age? (If you prefer not to answer put N/A below) *
How do you currently make an income? Be specific. For example, job or business owner? What's your role and what industry are you in? *
What is your current average monthly income? Be honest. There's no judgement here. The more honest you are, the more I know if I can help you. *
How would your life be different with an extra $1,000-$5,000+ per month? *
What is your long-term income goal? *
How many hours do you currently work a week on average? *
How many hours would you like to work per week? Why? *
Are you willing to commit 7-14 hours per week to this program until you land at least your first client? *
What has been your biggest roadblock in the past to making money on the internet? *
Are you currently in debt? Again, be honest. This won't affect whether or not you're accepted. It just helps me help you in the best way I can. *
Do you like to write? *
Why do you think you deserve a spot this program? (There are limited spots and I'm only taking the right people for this pilot program. Don't worry about sounding arrogant, just be honest and don't hold back.) *
Do you trust that I can teach you how to add at least $1,000-$5,000 per month to your income? Write as much or as little as you want for this answer. Don't worry about offending me, again, be honest. *
Are you willing to share your story for our marketing materials as a case study once you've succeeded? *
Have you purchased other "make money online" programs in the past? If so, explain in as much detail as you're willing to share. Price you paid, results you got (or didn't get), etc. *
Are you willing to stop buying other products and programs while you implement the training and coaching? (This will cure your "shiny object syndrome" if that's something you struggle with.) *
What's your phone number if you're in the US? Or Skype name if you're outside of the US? I will personally be calling you if you qualify so make sure this is your real number. *
Where do you live and what is your time zone? *
Did anyone other than Sean refer you to this program? If so, what is their full name? *
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