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Thank you for your interest in helping make Highfield Hack 2021 great!

The purpose of this form is to understand your motivation for getting involved and help us offer you the best volunteer experience we possibly can.

Most of the fields in this form are optional, but the better we get to know your interests, the easier it will be for us to find a position that will suit you during the hackathon.
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The following section is aimed at giving us a sense of when you would be available to help during the hackathon. We have split each day into 1-hour slots.

This allows us to make sure that participants have someone to reach out to at any point during the hackathon, as well as give you the best chance to shine but not overcrowding volunteers in certain slots.

Note: Timezone for the schedule is GMT.
This section will help us understand what you would like to get involved in during the hackathon.

If you are unsure about what you would like to help with that's completely fine. We will do our best to reach out to everyone that completed this form and find something that best suits their interests and expectations for the event.

Brief descriptions of the events we are planning to run can be found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1shuDmoOBFs7jUWTbLVa7fW4AAYjJiYb04lhpII_qXg8/edit?usp=sharing.
We will be running a whole host of mini-events and workshops during the hackathon. By checking the boxes in this list, you help us understand which events you find meaningful and that you would like to be involved in. If you would like to see an event during the hackathon that is not part of the list, please put is as "Other" and we can have a chat about making this happen.
A very important component of hackathons is having mentors that can help volunteers when they get stuck. If you are interested in helping participants with their hacks during the event, please let us know which categories your skills best fit in.
More information
If there is anything that we have not covered in the previous questions, then this is your chance to let us know. If there is some other way you can improve this hackathon, please add it here. Whether it be creating a fun experience on the Discord server, helping with the livestream for the hackathon, or making everyone laugh with your cool impersonation skills, please let us know through your answer to this question.
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