Application Form 33^ La Scuola va a Teatro 2020-2021
33rd edition of La Scuola va a Teatro - International FESTIVAL for schools. (monday till friday) -Please enter your proposal
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Seasons of theatre for school students are the following. Please enter your availability on which the company could performance in Sarmede. Show will be at 10:00 a.m.
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Enter date. All groups must be present at a briefing meeting at 9,00 am of the day of work.
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Enter if you need to be picked up. Sarmede is 70km far from airport. There is a good service of train
Hospitality at the expense of: *
Enter absolutely the agreed guidelines (the lunch of the day's work is in charge on the org.)
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Enter your preference. Payment is made immediately upon presentation of invoice / supporting documents via check / bank transfer
Granted honorary (1day) *
Enter amount for 1 Day (Included travel cost, accommodation, taxes, etc). Example €.111
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Enter amount for 2 days (Included travel cost, accommodation, taxes, etc). Example €.111
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