Hi there! My name is Vivien and I'm the creator of the blog, Pages of Wonderland. I would love to have another voice to my blog, I'm sure everyone is sick of me, LOL. I would love for you to join me and write blog posts. I hope co-blogging with me is fun and I hope your experience with me will inspire you to create your own blog (if you don't already have one).
What do you usually rate books?
I'm a Negative Nancy, so this is to gauge your "personality", sort of.
Who's your favorite reviewer/a reviewer that inspires you?
LINKS to FIVE (or less) reviews that you are proud of writing:
This is to see your style and "personality" once again. Please start each "entry" with a -, ~, or a #.
What is your favorite book, series, and/or author?
Do you have any experience blogging?
If yes, where?
What can you contribute to Pages of Wonderland?
Check all that apply.
Describe yourself!
Your personality (are you bitchy like me, honest, funny, smart, annoying), favorite school subject, favorite genre of music/band/ song, favorite book genre, things like that. Will I like you? Why do you want to co-blog with me?
How can I contact you?
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