Product Launching/Trip Wire Questionnaire
Please fill out the following questions so I can get a good idea of where you are at with your email list. Please be as honest as you can and don't feel embarrassed. Having a small list or numbers doesn't disqualify you.
Email address *
Name *
Are you a current client of Simple Email Management? *
How many email subs to you gain a month (on average)?
What are your current monthly pageviews?
Do you use LeadPages?
What is your list size?
Do you have segments set up?
How often do you email your list?
Have you ever sold any products to your email list? Affiliate marketing or a product of your own. If yes, please explain how that went.
Do you know your email list demographics? (age and income range)
What type of product are you launching? Please explain what your product is and who it's for.
What is your launching goal? Ex. Number of sales.
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