Undergraduate survey about employment sentiment amidst COVID-19 pandemic
Please fill out this survey if you are a junior or senior in undergraduate study! We are interested in hearing your thoughts and concerns about how COVID-19 has affected your employment opportunities.

All responses will be anonymous and data is being collected for a data visualization on undergraduate sentiment regarding employment.

If you have any questions about this survey, please reach out to Ava (ae2572@columbia.edu), Rose (rh2805@columbia.edu), or Cheryl (cw2986@columbia.edu)
Are you a junior or senior? *
What area are you studying in university? Check all that apply *
What industry are you currently employed in or seeking employment in for jobs or internships? Check all that apply *
What is your current employment status? (For juniors: internship, for seniors: full-time jobs) *
If you do have an internship / job or your offer was rescinded, what is the size of the company?
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How has your internship or job been impacted by COVID-19? Check all that apply
Are you considering graduate school? *
I am concerned about my job security and financial stability due to COVID-19 and the economic recession. *
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My mental health has been significantly impacted by the effect of COVID-19 on my employment. *
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Please share any additional concerns and/or feelings you have about your internship or employment opportunities in light of COVID-19 (visa problems, industry changes due to COVID-19, etc):
If you are interested in seeing our data visualization, please leave your email and we will email you a link to our website in a few weeks! (note: we will not share your contact information and your responses will still be anonymized)
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