2 GDYB Payment Form
If you made payment on more than 1 order number, please reply on one of your order confirmation email the breakdown of payment on each order number. When you fill the payment form, please include all order number below.

For PALAWAN EXPRESS and LBC Payments, Be sure first that the NAME OF THE RECEIVER IS CORRECT. Wrong / Misspelled Receiver's name will result to a penalty fee of Php50
Email *
MODE OF PAYMENT - PLEASE READ ALL OPTIONS. Kindly read option to know what to put for the reference code. *
Date of payment *
Reference Code / Transaction Code / Tracking Number *
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Amount Paid (example: 5000 - NO PESO SIGN, NO COMMA, NO ANYTHING - PURE NUMBER ONLY - Amount LESS service charge (LBC/PE)) *
Surname on the order form who placed the order. [If PALAWAN EXPRESS & LBC, enter the full name of the sender written on the receipt] *
Order Number (example: 1234 - NO #, no anything - PURE NUMBER ONLY) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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