Application for funding for Support Staff PD
Member schools are welcome to apply for up to $500 in funding for professional development for para-professionals who work in their library. This funding can be used to support attendance at a conference or workshop (registration, travel, accommodation), for textbooks or course fees that support library studies. If you would like to apply for funding please use the form below. Applicants and Heads of Libraries will be notified of successful applications by email.

Funds will be provided when receipts are sent to ISLN. In instances where ISLN has several applications for the same PD event (i.e Library JAW) ISLN may choose to pay the provider directly.

If ISLN pays participation fees, successful applicants are expected to provide proof of attendance, and to write a small blog entry for the ISLN webpage within a month of the event (this blog entry can be 1 entry per school). Participants who don't attend after ISLN has paid their registration will be expected to refund the money to ISLN within 4 weeks or risk that their school may be denied future funding.

Please fill in one form per attendee

For a list of PD Opportunities please check the ISLN events page -
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