Influencer Application - work w/ me @tessaabellaa
Welcome! My name is Tessabella :) If you've found yourself here... I figured you already have an idea of who I am and what I do, but if not... let me just give you a quick run down!
I run a top producing real estate team in AZ + a national digital marketing agency -- I get thousands of people a day that reach out in hopes of learning how to work online, earn as an influencer and build an online following that is actually PROFITABLE. So I've decided to open this application to work with me!
In 2018 alone, I profited over $100,000 purely from aligning myself with the right brands, and mastering network marketing + influencer work. I would NEVER say this to brag or boast, I just want you to know how possible this is for you!
I only had 2,300 followers when I had my first $3k month from Instagram, and its only grown from there.
When this opportunity fell into my lap, I knew I had to run with it and never look back.
I have been so blessed to create + cultivate an incredible group of inspiring woman who all want to empower and build each other up -- all while earning big, and living better!

Please note - this is not real estate specific.
Only requirements?
18 or older, located in US, UK, Canada or AUS.
Willing to grow, learn + build.

♡ Now I want you to do this w/ me! Apply now, and I'll be in contact ASAP↴
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If you are accepted right away, are you able to make a one time investment of $200-$300 to learn how to earn thousands monthly?
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